Hire Me!

See the About page for contact info. Here is my LinkedIn.

I’m currently looking for a full time permanent software position. I’m open to remote for the right opportunity, but on location near Boulder or Denver is ideal.

My current focus is developing tools to write more robust software. This could mean working on a compiler with a novel story for improving correctness. It could mean creating better tools for automated bug detection like static analysis or symbolic execution. It could mean working on internal tools for improving developer productivity. It could mean working on novel test frameworks, or libraries that make writing correct code easier. The area I’m most excited about is strongly typed pure functional programming like Haskell.

My primary professional experience is in large scale web backend systems. I’ve written both Scala and Java professionally for 5 years, working on critical user facing systems at Twitter and Gnip (Twitter’s enterprise streaming data division).

1 Experience

1.1 Twitter, Software Engineer, May 2014–November 2017

1.2 Gnip, Software Engineer, January 2013–May 2014 (Acquired by Twitter)

1.3 Rational Systems, Software Intern, May 2012–September 2012

2 Academic